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Sermons on Evangelism

    Talking with friends and family members about Jesus can be difficult. Where do I start? What do I say? How do I answer difficult questions? These are just some of the questions Christians wrestle with when trying to share their faith with unbelivers. Listen or download these sermons by Alistair Begg on evangelism.

    A Lesson in Personal Evangelism, Part One (John 4:1-54) — Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    The conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well is a perfect example for us to follow as we seek to share Jesus with the lost. Despite racial and gender barriers, Jesus naturally began a conversation by asking her for a drink. He developed the woman’s interest by asking questions which exposed her sin and need of a Savior. Alistair Begg encourages us to follow Jesus’ example and to be sincere and kind in our approach, understanding that only God can convict of sin.

    A Lesson in Personal Evangelism, Part Two (John 4:1-54) Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    The New Testament Church grew as ordinary believers shared the Good News of Jesus with the lost. In this message, Alistair Begg offers practical guidelines so that we, too, can be confident in sharing the Good News of a risen Savior. Our evangelism must begin on our knees, realizing that only God – not our clever arguments - can open blind eyes.

    Continuous Evangelism (Acts 2:42-47) —  Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    The overarching story in the book of Acts is the evangelism of the lost. The early believers shared and witnessed the Good News of the Lord Jesus, and God added to their numbers daily. A Spirit-filled church is not self-centered and self-contained but mission-driven by nature. This does not mean that every child of God needs to evangelize in a faraway land. Carrying out missionary discipleship within our normal daily routine can equally bring glory to God.

    How to Give Away Your Faith, Part One (1 Peter 3:15, John 4:1-54) — Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    Jesus calls His followers “the light of the world” and instructs them to let their light shine before others. The light of Christ’s followers is a beacon to the lost and weary. In this first of two messages we’ll learn why shining our light and sharing our faith is so important.

    How to Give Away Your Faith, Part Two (1 Peter 3:15, John 4:1-54) — Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    Jesus promised to transform His followers and give them a new purpose for living. Followers of Christ “fish for men” as they share their faith through their lives and words. In this second of two messages, Jesus demonstrates how we can effectively “fish” using Living Water.

    Series: Crossing the Barriers— Listen | Download MP3 (Zip 88mb) | Purchase CD ($18.10) | Study Guide

    Evangelism. The word alone produces a tightness in the stomach and anxiety in the hearts of many Christians, creating a barrier that hinders sharing the Good News of Christ. Misunderstanding the biblical directives of evangelism may incline us to shy away from sharing our faith, thinking we do not have the gift of evangelism or do not know enough to be effective, leaving the task to others.

    In Crossing the Barriers, Alistair Begg equips us to understand what evangelism truly is, helps us to be certain our message and motives are correct, prepares us to face challenges, and enables us to effectively cross the barriers that keep us from presenting Christ and preventing others from believing the message. Much like the herald who conveys the news from the king, we are not to express our own opinions or ideas, but faithfully deliver the message the King has given to us and trust God to do His work.

    Series: FRANgelism (John 4)— Listen | Download MP3 (Zip 60mb) | Purchase CD ($10.35) 

    The more we share the ‘good news’ with others, the more we become aware of the wonder of our salvation. These studies call us to take seriously the opportunities for evangelism which are around us every day. Only a few will be called to go to the ends of the earth, but we are all called to expend ourselves in the cause of telling our friends, relatives, associates and neighbors about who Jesus is and why He came.

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