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Sermons on Dealing with Persecution

"Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." - 2 Timothy 3:12 (ESV)

In 2 Timothy, Paul warns us that we will face persecution if we are following Christ. In these messages, Alistair Begg reminds us that we are to respond in a Christ-like manner, and that despite the trials of this world, Christ reigns on an eternal throne.

The Persecuted Church (2 Timothy 3:10-13) — Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

Whether it is the overt hostility faced by Christians in other parts of the world or subtle clashes with our own society’s ungodly mindset, all true believers experience some form of the “persecution” about which Paul warned Timothy. Beginning with these verses from 2 Timothy 3, Alistair Begg helps us consider the practical cost of living a godly life. As we learn to think biblically, we can respond to our circumstances in a Christlike manner.

Responding to Persecution, Part One (Romans 12:14)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

Whatever form persecution may take, it is a part of the Christian experience. In the first of a two-part study of Romans 12:14, we learn that the Christian response isn’t retaliation or revenge, but earnestly seeking God’s blessing for those who persecute us.

Responding to Persecution, Part Two (Romans 12:14)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

How can we “bless those who persecute us?” By remembering God’s love and mercy to us, and by depending on the Holy Spirit’s power, we can pray for their salvation.

In All Things God Works... (Acts 22:30-23:11)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

Paul’s appearance before the Sanhedrin provides a glimpse of the ordinariness of the extraordinary apostle Paul. Alistair Begg traces the thread that shows how God worked in all the details of Paul’s life, including violence, hostility, regrets, and disappointments, and reminds us that God continues to work out His purpose for each of us through the good, bad, and ordinary events of our lives.

What's Going On? (Esther 4:12-17)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

As Alistair Begg guides us through the final verses of Esther 4, we learn truths to apply in our lives today. Like Mordecai, we can have faith that God’s purposes will be fulfilled. Like Esther, we must choose whether we will entrust ourselves to God’s providence, obedient to do the work He calls us to do.

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