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How Can You Avoid Marital Failure? Read ‘Lasting Love’ by Alistair Begg

In a sea of many marriage books to choose from, Alistair Begg’s Lasting Love: How to Avoid Marital Failure will remind you that God’s heart and design for marriage is one of long-lasting joy. We live in a world of high divorce rates, but with God, failure is never final. Alistair’s balance of biblical foundation and practical advice will show you that marriage isn’t easy, but it is straightforward, and when you approach your relationship with the care of a gardener, you can experience a lasting, loving marriage.

Lasting Love examines how countless little decisions made over time can either enhance or erode your marriage and, at the same time, will remind you that love is more than a series of actions that fulfill your wedding vows. Alistair explains the unique and specific roles that God has given to husbands and wives and even suggests, based on Scripture, what inward qualities to look for in a potential spouse.

Whether you’ve been married for decades, are engaged, or you’re single with a longing for marriage, Lasting Love will help you discover that embracing God’s design for marriage roles will actually offer you freedom and joy—because when you understand these characteristics more clearly, you’ll be equipped to be a spouse who serves sacrificially and puts your relationship with God above any other.

When you read Lasting Love, you’ll learn from Alistair how to protect your marriage with “hedgerows” by expressing gratitude and watering your relationship with God’s Word. Alistair will also help you understand that whatever season your marriage is in, there are common “weeds” that can spring up and disrupt your growth together if you don’t proactively pluck them from the garden of your relationship. Unbroken ties to the past, a lack of boundaries, and even the complexities of family life don’t have to create marital pitfalls if we follow God’s design for how to repair them.

If you’re engaged or married, Lasting Love will help you to create a plan to assess the health of your relationship and show you ingredients of a healthy marriage so that yours won’t fail. The book includes a study guide to support you and your spouse as you work to build a marriage that will last a lifetime.

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