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Blog June Resource: Lasting Love By Alistair Begg

June Resource: Lasting Love By Alistair Begg

    One-half of all marriages end in divorce. It’s a bleak picture and, unfortunately, Christian marriages suffer from the same rate of failure.

    What’s wrong? How can we prevent our own relationships from becoming a statistic?

    In his book Lasting Love, Alistair Begg shows us that, when we choose our spouses and live out our marriages with an understanding of the roles God intended for husbands and wives, enjoying a long and loving life together is truly possible.

    Lasting Love provides a biblical framework for marriage and practical advice from a pastor who has been happily married for forty years. With clear direction and wise counsel to both couples considering marriage and couples married for many years, Alistair explores topics like:
    • What should we look for in a spouse?
    • What does the Bible say is the role of a husband and the role of a wife?
    • How do we protect ourselves from drifting apart?

    Available in these formats:

    And consider ordering a second copy as a gift for a newly engaged or married couple in your life!

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