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What Does It Look Like to Live by the Spirit?

    Fruitful Life

    As Christians, we desire to do good. But try as we might, we often find ourselves falling short of our own standards of performance. Our failures leave us wondering: how can we live a life marked by grace?

    Jerry Bridges assures us that apart from a solid foundation of devotion to God, our efforts will always disappoint. In The Fruitful Life: The Overflow of God’s Love Through You, Bridges establishes the importance of a deep love and fear of God. From there, he offers a practical guide to cultivating what has already been given to us through the Holy Spirit.

    The Fruitful Life examines the nine aspects of the fruit of the Spirit described in the book of Galatians—including humility, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control—and prompts us to deeper consideration of its presence in our lives.

    “As we do our part, we can count on God to perform His, not because our working obligates Him to work but because He is a gracious and loving God and wants us to become gracious and loving children of His.”

    Leaving behind a legacy that combines holiness and godliness with the transforming power of grace, Bridges' books offer a rich treasure of understanding.

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