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What Does God Really Look Like?

Capturing God

Do you ever try to grasp a comprehensive picture of all that God truly is?

Whether you're a new believer or an established student of Christianity, you aren’t alone in wondering. Author and pastor Rico Tice suggests that we need to look no further for an answer than to one single scene in human history. And he lays it out in his brief, but power-packed book, Capturing God.

“The reality of who the real God is is mind-boggling; and it’s brilliant; it’s glorious. And the world glimpsed this glory as God the Son walked on its surface, breathed its air, spoke and slept and laughed and cried and, yes, died.” With the reassuring tone of a familiar friend, Rico Tice points to a God who is beyond the scope of our understanding. And yet, is also the same God who loves us enough to hang on a cross.

Drawing from the Gospel of Luke, Capturing God explores several of God's defining attributes, including integrity, justice, and peace. In his signature style of simplicity and straightforwardness, Tice paints a picture of the awesome nature of God. And dares us to find our place in the portrait.

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