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Blog WATCH: "What If It's All True!" By Alistair Begg

WATCH: "What If It's All True!" By Alistair Begg

    Eyewitness testimonies, the empty tomb, the striking change in the disciples ... the New Testament provides fact-based evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. In this message, Alistair Begg encourages us to a thoughtful consideration of this central Christian truth, emphasizing the need to trust in Christ for our salvation. Through His Word, Jesus calls each one to faith in the Gospel, and those who believe are called to share His story with a broken world.

    It is therefore the privilege and the responsibility of those who affirmed these things, to go out into the realm of science and art, into media, into journalism, into law, into education, and into the totality of life and live out the reality of the fact that this story is the very essence of what it means for God to come and save us.
    ―Alistair Begg

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