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The Pilgrim’s Progress, Part II, Retold for Kids!


You might be familiar with the classic story The Pilgrim’s Progress, a Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. It tells the fictional tale of Christian, who navigates many challenges on his way to Celestial City. But did you know that Bunyan wrote a sequel to his story, The Pilgrim’s Progress, Part II? In it, the main character, Christiana, embarks on her own journey and learns, as Christian did, about the perseverance that the Christian life requires.

In a recent adaptation for children, Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Part II follows the same storyline as Bunyan’s sequel but uses simplified language that’s perfect for children. The story tells of young Christiana and her brothers on their adventure to the eternal city. School-age children will not only be captivated by this exciting story but also learn about the importance of trusting God even when life gets hard.

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Part II is split into short chapters that are perfect for reading at bedtime, and at the end of each chapter you’ll find a summary of key points and questions to help you discuss valuable lessons with your children or grandchildren. As Christiana’s journey teaches her about God’s faithfulness, your kids will also learn how to find comfort in God’s promises, regardless of their circumstances.

The end-of-chapter summaries and questions are also ready-made for Sunday school lessons. If you lead a Sunday school class, the book is an excellent choice for teaching the next generation about the joys and trials of the Christian life.

This beautiful and durable hardcover book is illustrated with engaging, colorful pictures that children will love. And the book comes with a coloring book to remind them how to stay on the path that leads to eternity.

(If the title and book cover appear familiar, that’s because Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey was offered by Truth For Life in February of this year. The book was exceptionally popular, so we encourage you to request your copy of this equally engaging sequel while supplies last. Children who enjoyed the first Little Pilgrim’s will love Part II as well!)

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