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‘The Basics of the Christian Faith’ Discipleship Course


Brand New From Truth For Life!

Do you know someone new to Christianity? Or perhaps someone interested in learning more about what Christians believe and the hope we have in Jesus? 

This new thirteen-lesson course will guide you step-by-step as you lead a friend through the foundational truths of the Bible. Best of all, Alistair does all the teaching! The study is designed to pair independent listening to sermons by Alistair with in-person discussion between you and a friend.  

More specifically, this course involves you and someone you’re discipling doing the following: 

  • preparing for each lesson by reading a passage of Scripture and answering a few questions 
  • independently listening to a 30–40-minute message by Alistair, taking notes on key ideas, then answering a series of questions related to the message 
  • meeting in person to answer any questions your friend might have before moving on to the next lesson

As you work through the lessons, you’ll listen to Alistair teach on several different topics that together provide an overview of core Christian beliefs:

  1. How to Be Saved 

  2. Becoming a Christian

  3. Believing 

  4. Why Bother with the Bible? 

  5. God and Man

  6. The Authentic Jesus 

  7. The Holy Spirit

  8. “All Prayer” 

  9. Who or What Is the Church?

  10. The Sacraments 

  11. Keeping His Commands

  12. Vital Signs 

  13. Personal Evangelist 

Each lesson contains a link to the related sermon, key terms relevant to the lesson, a praise and prayer, and a list of additional resources for diving deeper into the lesson’s topic. 

The Basics of the Christian Faith comes with two study guides, one for you in your role as the leader and one for the disciple. The leader guide contains answers to all of the study’s questions in the back of the book so you can feel confident answering questions correctly.

The study is perfect for one-on-one learning; however, it can also be used to teach a small group if you purchase a single leader guide along with multiple disciple guides. The course may also be helpful for churches to use in their discipleship efforts and new member classes.


Purchase Now: 

$16 Leader and Disciple Guide Together 

$8 Leader Guide Only 

$8 Study Guide Only 




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