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Ten Benchmarks For Living a Life Pleasing to God

If you sit along the sidelines of a youth sporting event, you’ll observe parents’ smiles and applause as their children exercise their abilities. Such a watchful exchange between parent and child—a balance of loving encouragement and eager engagement—is just a foreshadow of how our Father in heaven looks upon us as we endeavor to please Him.

Pleasing God, however, isn’t a matter of personal choice; it’s a biblical imperative to be taken seriously—one that can only be accomplished with God’s help. In a world of self, we must give way to the priorities of God if we want to experience His joy.

But what does a life pleasing to God look like, according to Scripture?

In this month’s book, Made for His Pleasure: Ten Benchmarks of a Vital Faith—recently revised and updated in a new edition—Alistair Begg helps us go beyond a superficial interest in religious things to gain a deeper knowledge of who God is and what He’s done on our behalf. Drawing from God’s Word, personal stories, and the wisdom of respected mentors and theologians, Alistair examines topics such as relationships, vocation, suffering, and prayer in this tour of ten helpful benchmarks of a vital faith.

Endeavor to run your lifelong journey the way God intends—with perseverance and enabled by Him. Request Made for His Pleasure by Alistair Begg with your donation to Truth For Life.

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