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Blog "I've Struggled through Life in Christianity and Never Felt 'at Home'..."

"I've Struggled through Life in Christianity and Never Felt 'at Home'..."

“I have struggled through life in Christianity and have never felt ‘at home.’ I have been Protestant, Baptist, Catholic and Pentecostal but nothing seemed to sit well with me for one reason or another.”

Many travel a distant road to find answers to the questions, Why am I here? What is my purpose? and What will happen when I die? Some seek and never find. Our culture has given up and propels the notion that there is no absolute truth—that I can define my truth and you can define your truth. But when burdens like anxiety, loneliness, and sadness linger, our hearts long for a truth that provides certainty and comfort.


Dale who wrote about his struggle further explained, “I happened to come across Alistair on the radio one day and was immediately caught by his accent. It held me long enough on that station to listen to his entire sermon.” But when Dale moved, he became disheartened as he couldn’t find a regular broadcast of Alistair Begg’s teaching. He stopped listening, until someone he loved had a desperate need to hear truth, too…

“Recently, my brother was struggling with his faith, and I wanted to help him find a way through a difficult path. My brother's dilemma reminded me of a famous minister with a Scottish accent. To my delight, a quick Google search led to Alistair, and I was even more excited when I found out that Truth For Life has an app. I immediately downloaded the app and passed the information on to my brother. The next day, he told me he spent all night listening...” The impact of truth changed his life.

Now a Truthpartner, Dale receives monthly materials that serve to guide and encourage him. To the Truth For Life family, he extends a heartfelt thanks. “Some days our daily grind doesn't always look like we make a difference, but we truly do not know what is happening behind the scenes… God Bless Truth For Life.”

Your donation to Truth For Life makes a difference, perhaps even an everlasting one, in the lives of listeners just like Dale.

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