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Share the Meaning of Christmas with a Friend Today!

    While most see Christmas as a time for giving, the story of Christ’s birth also encourages us to recognize our need—not for a process or a program, but for a person. As Alistair Begg points out, our plight is that of rebels in need of rescue. Confronted with a clear view of what we truly are and what we truly need, we face an important choice: will we receive Jesus as our Savior?

    On this Christmas Day, we consider the words of evangelist John Rice, who wrote, "I want no Christmas without a burden for lost souls, a message for sinners, a heart to bring in the lost sheep so dear to the Shepherd, the sinning souls for whom Christ died."1

    Please take a minute to pass this lifesaving Gospel message to someone you love who has yet to know Christ.

    On behalf of all of us here at Truth For Life, a very merry and blessed Christmas!

    Listen to the message "God's Dwelling Place"

    1. John R. Rice to Rice Family and Friends, December 1980. Author’s personal files.

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