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Sermons on Your Priorities

    What are your priorities? Do you make your relationship with God a priority? Alistair Begg addresses what our priority should be and that we should fix our eyes on Jesus.

    Only Basis For Boasting (Jeremiah 9:23-24) — Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    When the culture says we are at the center of the universe, the result is self-absorption that leads to emptiness and meaninglessness. Alistair Begg reminds graduating students and us that the remedy is not found in boasting in our own wisdom, strength, or wealth, but in knowing God as He has revealed Himself in the Lord Jesus. With that foundation, we can know life that is truly meaningful as our lives are poured out in service to God.

    Eternity on My Mind (Ecclesiastes 3:1-15)Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    Nothing on earth fully satisfies us because we were actually created for eternity. In this message, Alistair Begg reminds us that God wants us to enjoy life in order to bring Him glory and that even the mundane acts of life are a gift from God. With this awareness, we can find comfort, a humble sense of security, and a better understanding of our significance.

    Stay the Course (Daniel 6:1-22)Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    The story of Daniel and the lions’ den gives us great insight into what it means to persevere faithfully amidst adversity. Daniel was characterized by integrity, wisdom, discipline, and prayer, but his commitment to God was despised by those around him. Nonetheless, Daniel remained steadfast in his faith and did not compromise his beliefs during many years of dutiful service to the king.

    Whole-Hearted Devotion (Mark 14:1-9) Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25)

    When the woman broke the alabaster jar and poured her ointment on Jesus' feet in Mark 14, she gave up a treasured possession. Some who were there saw this as extravagant and wasteful, but what did the Lord see? He recognized her action as true worship, and called it "beautiful."

    Running the Race (Hebrews 12:1-4)Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25) 

    The Christian journey is a distance race, but often we find ourselves slowing down and beginning to wonder if we will even finish. This experience may be caused by sin that drags us down or by distractions that are not distinctly sinful in themselves. Alistair Begg reminds us that in order to recalibrate our priorities we cannot stir ourselves to moral integrity – we must fix our eyes on Jesus.

    Deo Volente (James 4:13-17)Listen | Download MP3 | Purchase CD ($1.25) 

    The passage of time often brings to light panic or presumption, but what does the Bible say about how we are to view our time on earth? James 4 provides practical wisdom for facing the future and conducting our planning. Alistair Begg contrasts what we say about the future with what we ought to say. Christians will be distinctive in our culture if we can say whole-heartedly, “God first, and God willing.”

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