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Sermons on Sickness and Suffering

    "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." -Romans 8:18

    Some say that if you become a Christian, all your worries and problems will go away. But the Bible tells us that not only will our troubles not go away but we will be persecuted for being a Christian. In these sermons Alistair Begg addresses the topic of suffering and sickness and we learn how to trust God in the difficult times in our lives.

    My Times Are In Your Hands (Psalm 31:15)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

    It is easy to trust God when the sun is shining and all seems right with the world. But is He just as trustworthy when the bottom falls out of life? Where is God then? Hear the answer, as you listen to a message that was preached at Parkside Church's Cancer Survivor Support dinner.

    Why Suffering? (Job 16:7-17)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

    The Christian is not immune to the human experience of pain, suffering, and evil. In this study of Job 16:7-17, Alistair Begg examines the various reasons why God allows suffering, the human responses to life's difficulties, and the provisions God makes for His people in the midst of such trials.

    If Anyone is Sick..., Part One (James 5:14-18) — Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

    What are we to do when faced with serious illness? James instructs us to make prayer a matter of great importance, asking leaders of the church for their prayers of faith. Alistair Begg stresses that the power in prayer comes directly from God and He will heal as He desires. Recognizing God’s sovereignty in sickness or in health will bring us comfort. Listen to Part 2

    Suffering: A Biblical Perspective (1 Peter 4:12-19)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

    Suffering is real, and it is painful. We do our best to avoid it, but the certainty of suffering in this life is a reality that we cannot avoid. Given that reality, how should we think biblically about suffering? In this sermon, Alistair Begg, with a pastor’s heart and gentle care, encourages us to live with perseverance and faith and to consider God’s purposes in our suffering.

    Suffering in the Believer's Life (Lamentations 2:20)Listen (Free) | Download MP3 (Free) | Purchase CD $1.25

    Maybe you’re facing bad news from the doctor or the loneliness of a lost relationship. Whatever your situation, the Bible shines light into the dark places of our lives. Listen for a helpful message on the problem of suffering.

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