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Sermons on Assurance of Salvation


Some doubt their salvation, which can lead to uncertainty in their faith. Does “once saved” mean “always saved”? In these sermons, Alistair Begg explores what Scripture says about our salvation and the assurance we have in Christ.

The Keeping Power of God (John 10:27-29) Listen | Download MP3

The Bible tells us that the Lord "keeps" those who are His. What then are we to think if an individual has professed to be a Christian, but later falls into grievous sin? In this survey of scriptures on the perseverance of the believer, we see that God's Word does not sidestep difficult questions, but addresses them very practically. It is God who keeps – our part is to believe and to use the means of perseverance He has provided.

Keeping Near, Keeping On (Hebrews 10:26-39)Listen | Download MP3

The Bible tells us that endurance in the Christian life provides a litmus test for professed faith. The writer of Hebrews, meanwhile, gave a sober consideration of followers of Jesus who apostatized. In this sermon, Alistair Begg investigates what Scripture says about both those who persist and those who fall away. Under the cross of Christ, our partnership and sympathy with one another are vital helps in remaining resilient as we persevere in doing God’s will.

No Separation (Romans 8:37-39) — Listen | Download MP3

Romans 8 ends with the Apostle Paul’s glorious declaration of his confidence in Christ’s love. As Alistair Begg observes, such love doesn’t insulate believers from suffering and separation. Instead, we face life’s difficulties knowing that Jesus has overcome even death, and that nothing in all Creation can separate us from Him. It is not our fleeting emotion, but conscious dependence on the finished work of Christ, that enables us to live in the strength of His eternal love for us.

Preservation of the Saints (Ligonier) (John 10:25-30, Romans 8:35-39)Listen | Download MP3

Does “once saved” mean “always saved”? For some, doubts about salvation can lead to a shaky faith, while others use the doctrine of eternal security as a license for spiritual carelessness. Against such extremes, Alistair Begg examines the Bible’s teaching on the “preservation of the saints”—the belief that once someone has been saved, God enables him or her to persevere in faith. Scripture’s warnings, he reminds us, should be taken seriously, even as its assurances lead us to lives of greater devotion and trust in Christ alone.

Who Will Go to Heaven? (Psalm 15) Listen | Download MP3

Just as physical exams can give us insight into our health, a spiritual examination can help us diagnose problems or reaffirm our fitness. In Psalm 15, David asked who may dwell near God, then provided a series of diagnostic standards by which to measure our lives. As Alistair Begg leads us through this self-examination, he clarifies that passing tests is not how we find salvation; doing so merely gives evidence that Christ has saved us and is accomplishing His moral work in us.

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