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We’re Called to Grow in Godliness. What Does That Look Like?

All Christians are called to pursue godliness—but how do we do so? In the book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, author Donald Whitney turns to 1 Timothy 4:7 for the answer: “Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.” This verse is the theme for the entire book as Whitney unpacks its meaning and helps us apply it in practical ways.

Some people hear the term spiritual disciplines and think of tedious religious duties that are endured rather than enjoyed. In this book, you’ll find out what spiritual disciplines really are and learn how they help you develop a closer relationship with Christ and become more like Him. When you read Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, you’ll discover how these Spirit-empowered practices become a source of delight.

Drawing from the wisdom of Scripture and well-established Christian authors and speakers, Whitney demonstrates why spiritual disciplines are important in every Christian’s pursuit of holiness. He focuses on ten disciplines, including common practices such as reading or hearing God’s Word, prayer, worship, and evangelism. You’ll also learn about less familiar disciplines like fasting, solitude, and journaling. Discover the biblical reasons for practicing each discipline and learn how they promote spiritual growth. Whitney even provides sensible suggestions to help you get started.

Spiritual disciplines are intended as lifelong activities, not sporadic events. That’s why the final chapter of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life is about perseverance in these godly practices. Learn how to focus on eternity and stay faithful in the pursuit of godliness by understanding the Holy Spirit’s role, the importance of fellowship, and the purpose of struggle.

In the foreword, J. I. Packer has this to say about the book:

The foundations he lays are evangelical, not legalistic. In other words, he calls us to pursue godliness through practicing the disciplines out of gratitude for the grace that has saved us, not as self-justifying or self-advancing effort. What he builds on these foundations is as beneficial as it is solid. He is in truth showing us the path of life.

Develop habits of devotion that have been practiced by God’s people since biblical times. Request your copy of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life today.

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