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‘Know the Truth’ Will Answer Your Questions About What Christians Believe

Christian doctrine matters—not simply to pastors, leaders, and theology students but to all who desire to follow Jesus. If you want to know who God is, who you are, and what God desires from you, then you’ll be helped by being a diligent student of Scripture and correctly understanding Christian doctrine.

Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief is a comprehensive guidebook that explains the foundational truths of the Bible, topic by topic. Author Bruce Milne explains that there are four important reasons why Christians need to understand doctrine:

  • We must know what we believe and why we believe it.
  • Getting doctrine right is the key to getting everything else right.
  • The study of doctrine is an expression of loving God with our minds.
  • It’s impossible to separate Christ from the truth of Scripture concerning Him.

For all these reasons, this book has been a helpful go-to source for learning about biblical truth for over forty years. The current edition has been extensively updated and revised to expand discussion on topics like human sexuality, the sanctity of human life, postmodernism, pluralism, and more.

Know the Truth is divided into seven parts, beginning with the authority and revelation of God. The book then explains what the Bible teaches about dozens of topics, including humanity and sin, the deity of Jesus, and the work of the Holy Spirit, just to name a few. Each section concludes with practical suggestions for applying the lessons and reflecting on how the Bible's instruction challenges us to praise and glorify God. Each main section is further divided into manageable chapters that explain one aspect of biblical truth and encourage further study with Scripture references, questions for discussion, and book recommendations for additional reading.

Know the Truth isn’t a book to read once and place on the shelf but instead, is a comprehensive handbook to be used for reference time and again as you grow in faith, or when explaining to others what Christians believe and why we’re confident believing it.


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