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Have You Ever Been Reluctant to Talk to Others About Jesus?

Jesus told His followers they were the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Through their words and their lives, they would be Jesus’ witnesses to a world that had rejected Him.

However, many of us can find it challenging to take our faith out of our private lives and into our public ones—letting it shine to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. We may feel unprepared to effectively present the Gospel message. Or, perhaps we worry that our presentation will be unwelcome, or even offensive.


If you can relate to these feelings of reluctance, this month's book selection from Truth For Life will be a great help! There are three books in this offer—two for you and one to share as you seek to be a witness for Christ.

The first book, Have No Fear, acknowledges that many of us are hesitant to talk to others about Jesus, fearful that we won't witness clearly.

In seven short chapters, Have No Fear reshapes how we think about evangelism. It also provides tremendously helpful tips and suggestions for approaching the subject of faith. With a conversational tone, the author uses examples from the Bible and from his own life to inspire our confidence.


Most of us need help carrying out our duty to share the Good News. Have No Fear gives us a practical road map for how to evangelize one-on-one with humility and grace.

And that's the title of the second book in this selection—The Word One to One. This unique guide will walk you and a friend through the Gospel message using Scripture as the source. In this creative presentation of the first chapter of the Gospel of John, The Word One to One explains who Jesus is, how Jesus fulfills God's promise, and how Jesus offers salvation to all who believe.


You'll find The Word One to One will take you step by step through a discussion as you lead a family member, friend, or colleague through the biblical text. It explains words and concepts, gives the background for key characters, and provides space for reviewing material at the end of each section. Questions about the passage draw out what God is saying through His Word. Answers are provided in the margins, making it user-friendly for people who are new to the Bible.


If you’ve wondered how you might start sharing your faith more actively, this three-pack bundle of books is a great place to start. Request your copies today from Truth For Life.

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