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Do You Know Satisfaction in a World of Discontent?

Have you noticed that the most innocuous habits, when allowed to go unchecked, always seem to wreak the most havoc? Consider behaviors such as comparing, complaining, criticizing, and coveting; these habits of a discontented heart can spread like weeds, marring our witness and choking our worship. Eradicating them requires more than just how-to advice.

The answer to our striving for contentment doesn’t lie in what we need for help, but who: Jesus Christ. That’s why this month, we’re offering a 31-day devotional by Megan Hill called Contentment: Seeing God’s Goodness.

Rooted in Scripture, Hill’s devotional begins by considering the value of contentment and pointing to Christ as the perfect example and ally. With warm encouragement, Hill then points readers to the blessing that comes with receiving all of life’s circumstances as from God’s own hand. As our desires are set right, we learn, the Gospel’s antidote to grumbling applies a balm of peace, even when difficult trials arise.

Hill writes, “If discontent waits just around the next corner, grace does too. At every moment, in every one of life’s circumstances, the Lord is ready with forgiveness, encouragement, strength, and love. The God who made you and sustains you is able to make grace abound to you for all things at all times. In the fight against discontent, you are never alone.”

Use Contentment as a personal devotional, or even a small group study, to reset your mind and heart on what matters. With the help of the Holy Spirit, engage in a quest for a thankful heart and rejoice as dissatisfaction loosens its hold.

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