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What Should I Do before I Open My Bible?

It’s humbling to think that God longs to talk to us through His Word, the Bible. No matter who we are or how many times we’ve been less than responsive to His calling, He moves purposefully toward us, still befriending us—through a book!

So how do we come before all He has to say with open hearts, attentive minds, and a posture enabling us to be transformed by the power of His Word?

There are several answers to that question.

Before we even open our Bibles, we’re immeasurably helped by preparing ourselves in a number of important ways so that we may be awestruck by the familiar, gripped by its revelation, and conformed to its instruction.

The small handbook Before You Open Your Bible will swiftly and easily take you through nine “postures,” or attitudes, that will enrich your experience reading and learning from God’s Word.

To the degree that we approach Scripture from a receptive posture, expecting to hear from the Creator of the universe, we’ll benefit from all that God longs to tell us, teach us, and make us.

Request the easy-to-read, greatly helpful little book Before You Open Your Bible today.

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