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What Is God’s Role in Salvation? And What Is Ours?

If you were to die tonight and stand before God, what would you rely on? Good behavior? Church attendance? Bible knowledge? Personal accomplishments?

In the book The All-Sufficient God: Sermons on Isaiah 40, well-known 20th-century pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones tackles this question, explaining why our only confidence can be in the provision of a holy, unchanging, and everlasting God.

Each of the nine chapters in the book was a sermon preached by Lloyd-Jones. He explains what the good news is and isn’t, clarifies why God can’t overlook sin and why salvation is only possible in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. He also makes apparent the wonderful reality that God comes to us exactly where we are and exactly as we are. The book provides a helpful distinction between God’s role in salvation and what is expected of us.

Each of these nine sermons is packed with the deep insights that marked Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s preaching, pointing us again and again to Christ’s Gospel and the wisdom and glory of our all-sufficient God.

Take a closer look at God the Creator, Judge, Savior, and Sustainer by reading The All-Sufficient God. You’ll learn why His ways and wisdom are inscrutable and why the work of the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for us to receive the Gospel.

Says Martyn Lloyd-Jones, “The gospel is not man reaching up. It is God coming down. It is God’s wisdom. It is all from God’s side.”

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