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In the late-1800's, Anglican preacher and Liverpool Bishop, J.C. Ryle, released a collection of writings still highly regarded by Christian theologians today. Among his most famous work, the classic book on holy living titled Holiness: It’s Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots, J.C. Ryle provides timeless wisdom that has spanned the decades on this often-misunderstood topic.

So just how bad is sin in the eyes of a perfect, Holy God? Ryle paints a distressingly vivid picture. What follows, fortunately, is his sweeping explanation of God's most generous gift -- the gift of sanctification through the Holy Spirit. It's nothing we earn. But, how we respond to receiving it matters.

In this modern-English version of Holiness, Ryle masterfully explores the human condition, explains the visible changes that take place when we are transformed into the likeness of Christ, and offers actionable, practical steps for pursuing true holiness every day. As poignant as it was when it was first published in 1879, Holiness is a comprehensive overview of what it means to live a genuinely holy life.

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