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Blog Only Basis for Boasting - A Message for Graduates from Alistair

Only Basis for Boasting - A Message for Graduates from Alistair

Alistair Begg gives an important message to graduating students and reminds us that, in a world of self-focus and self-aggrandizement, the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge divorced from the fear of the Lord is ultimately a dead-end street.

When our culture teaches us to believe that we are the center of the universe, the result is pervasive self-absorption that leads to emptiness and meaninglessness. Scripture, however, teaches us that true meaning is not found in boasting in our own wisdom, strength, or wealth, but in knowing God as He has revealed Himself in the Lord Jesus.

Full of insights and guidance for living a life of meaning and true significance, this message is one to listen to and share, especially with someone in your life who is graduating or starting a new chapter in their life or career.

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