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Navigating Life's Choices in Light of Eternity

Series for College Students

How do young adults respond when the culture influences them to "live for the moment," "seize the day," and "look out for number one?" It's a philosophy that pays no regard to eternal consequences. And a perspective that can breed all kinds of damaging behavior, including jealousy, deceit, corruption, immorality, broken relationships and bitter disappointment.

So where can young men and women turn to find help based on absolute truth?

In a new collection of messages taught to college student audiences, Alistair Begg offers rich counsel on topics like friendship, humility, inadequacy, character, limitations, temptation, purity, and much more. Lessons For Life: The Collection consolidates 38 messages full of practical, biblical advice relevant to young adult lifestyles. Alistair draws upon circumstances that college students can relate to - and even laugh at - to teach the truth of God's Word. This unique offer comes on a USB drive that's easy to use and share.

(And even if it's been a long time since you've referred to yourself as a 'young adult', Lessons For Life offers wisdom for all ages!)

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