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Learn Five Essential Tips for How to Share the Gospel

Before Your Share Your Faith

Do you struggle to initiate Gospel discussions because evangelism feels intimidating? Matt Smethurst’s new book Before You Share Your Faith: Five Ways to Be Evangelism Ready will not only encourage you to talk about Jesus with confidence but also remind you why we as Christians should share our faith in the first place. 

This little handbook, which can be read in just an hour or two, is designed for easy browsing, with a handful of practical tips so you can reference them as you need them. Before You Share Your Faith addresses fundamental topics that are often skipped over or assumed in evangelism training, like what it means to grasp the Gospel or to genuinely love the lost. It also digs into hurdles we may need to overcome when introducing others to Christ, like the fear of rejection or of being ill-equipped. 

Packed with theological and pastoral wisdom, this book will help you consider what barriers might make it harder for someone to have a direct encounter with Christ. You'll be reminded to be “quick to hear, slow to speak” (James 1:19) and to ask thoughtful questions so you can mirror Jesus as you interact with friends or colleagues. Before You Share Your Faith will encourage you not to pass up a good opportunity for evangelism while you wait for a perfect one. You’ll even learn the benefits of corporate evangelism, like being accountable to one another, rejoicing together in success, or sharing disappointment as a family of believers. 

There are other resources in this book, too, including “12 Verses for Fighting Fear” and a list of recommended books about apologetics and evangelism to help you prepare for witness before the opportunity arises. Before You Share Your Faith will remind you of the simplicity and the wonder of the Gospel so that you can maximize the opportunities God gives you to share your faith with others. 


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