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Read How Truth For Life Uses Your Donations to Teach the Bible


When you donate to Truth For Life, your giving is used to care for the costs associated with bringing God's Word to a global audience—every day of the year! The information below explains more specifically how your donations are used. 


37% Radio Station Distribution

You may be surprised to learn that broadcasting Truth For Life on the radio is not free! In fact, it accounts for the largest expense in our annual budget. Truth For Life pays to broadcast on most of the 2,034 stations that air the program.

Fun Fact: When you give and tell us the radio station you listen to, part of your donation goes to cover the expense of your local station!

God uses radio in a widespread way to expand His kingdom. We receive many letters from people saying that they were searching through their local stations, heard Truth For Life, began listening, and were led to saving faith in the Lord Jesus.

“I was caught in some very poor teaching that included the prosperity gospel and legalism. When Truth For Life came on the radio, I recognized that Alistair was teaching only truth from the Bible. I’ve been listening ever since.” —Abigail, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
“My husband and I just found Truth For Life about six months ago on the radio and have found it to be a great blessing. We have grown so much in our Christian walk listening daily.” —Brenda, Harrisburg, Oregon

11%Producing Video, Audio, and Written Bible Teaching

There are nearly 3,000 Bible-teaching messages that you can access on our website and mobile app. Donations care for the cost of both video and audio production equipment, our in-house production team, and the substantial amount of storage needed to house thousands of audio and video files.

If you enjoy reading articles in our blog, subscribing to Truth For Life reading plans, ordering or downloading our study guides, and benefiting from having access to online message transcripts, know that the expense associated with the production of written teaching is cared for by donor giving.

“I listen to Truth For Life daily and am so blessed by every one of the messages. THANK YOU!! Just amazing teaching! You continue to make such an impact on the lives of many I know who listen to your program. I will continue to tell family members and friends to listen to the Truth For Life broadcasts.” —Carolyn, Paducah, Kentucky
“I've been so blessed by Alistair’s teaching. I’m a fairly new believer and am soaking everything up.” —Ronda-lee, Burlington, Ontario
“The ladies in my church are excited to start the To Know Christ Bible study from Truth For Life. We put the study guide into Google Translate, as many of the women read Spanish better than English. Thank you for the free download.” —Shirley, Jacksonville, Arkansas

16%Website, App, and Online Distribution

The website and mobile app are updated daily with direct access to the daily program, new articles, devotionals, and books. Both the website and app offer access to an extensive library of Bible teaching messages that can all be streamed or downloaded for free. Donations care for the cost of our on-staff technical team, streaming services, programming support, and equipment needed to make these convenient options available to you.

“I daily appreciate the Bible teaching so readily available and accessible on your website. Thank you!” —Celeste, San Rafael, California
“Truth For Life is my go-to website whenever I have a question about the Bible or whenever I need to prepare a lesson. Thank you!” —Bob, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“Last year, I downloaded the audio book Brave by Faith that you made available to me for free. The book was a true blessing to me. —Marcel, Namibia, Africa

17%Customer Service, Books, and Shipping

Customer Service Team

Our friendly customer service team answers approximately 500 of your calls each week using technology that helps them respond to your inquiries in an informed and efficient way.


Donations care for the cost of the books we offer each month. Your generous and faithful giving makes it possible for people to purchase high-quality Bible teaching books on a wide variety of topics for just a few dollars. We were thrilled to see more than 450,000 Christ-centered books shipped to locations all around the world in 2022 and pray that God will use these books to bring many to saving faith. Also, because of your giving, Truth For Life often donates books to churches, missions, and prisons.


Your giving enables all of our Bible teaching materials to be shipped for free within the US so that cost is never a barrier to anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus.

We’re grateful to a wonderful team of volunteers who give of their time to package and ship your books each day so that Truth For Life can keep overall costs down.

“We are on our seventh Alistair Begg book study with a core group of thirty people!” —Will, Hillsboro, Texas
“The best witnessing I have ever been able to do is through the resources Truth For Life has provided to me. Thank you so much.” —Kenny, Reagan, Tennessee
“My wife and I are really enjoying the book The Hand of God. We ordered an additional twenty copies today to give away, including some for Christmas next year.” —Dwayne, Ridgefield, Washington
“I cannot put into words how impressed I am with the Bible I ordered from Truth For Life! Thank you so much for making this beautiful Bible available for this price, and thank you for all you do in getting the Word of God to us all.” —Winston, Montgomery, Texas

10%Operating Expenses

Our IT support keeps our entire organization up and running in a secure environment and oversees the necessary backup systems to ensure that more than thirty years’ worth of Alistair’s Bible teaching is safely preserved.

Operating expenses also include the necessary insurance, software, legal, and accounting support that enables us to ensure we’re following all legal and financial guidelines for a nonprofit organization.

“Just a brief note to let you know how blessed we are by the ministry of Truth For Life! My wife and I are so thankful for the expository preaching from God’s Word and the continued encouragement to live biblically day in and day out!” —Pat and Robin, Boga Raton, Florida

7%Communications and Design

All of the beautiful imagery you see on the Truth For Life website, mobile app, and social channels is created by our in-house graphic designers. Similarly, all of the communications you receive from Truth For Life are prepared for you by our on-staff team. We do not use any third-party agencies, and we take great care to communicate with you in a way that honors and glorifies God.

“I was very excited to receive the welcome packet from Truth For Life yesterday and consider it a privilege to be a small part of your ministry. Thank you for the books!” —Tai Liu, Beaverton,


Facility expenses care for our office building maintenance, heating, and cooling.


Most importantly, your giving contributes eternally to the lives of people you’ll likely never meet this side of God’s kingdom.

“I listen to your program nearly every day. I’ve grown tremendously in my faith.” —Patti, Mequon, Wisconsin
“I start each day listening to Truth For Life. The Esther series changed me.” —Mary Lou, Owasso, Oklahoma
“The Truth For Life ministry changed my life. I was in a terrible place, started to listen to the broadcasts, and God changed me. Thank you.” —Suzanne, Brownfield, Texas

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