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How to Download an Audio Series to Your Tablet or Smartphone

    Downloading to a Tablet or Smartphone | Download to a computer

    • When you download an audio series from Truth For Life, it will be downloaded in a zip folder.  Unfortunately, most tablets and smartphones don't have the capability to unzip a zip folder. You will need to download an app to help unzip the folder. Before downloading the audio series, download an app to unzip the folder. We have used "iZip." You can find it in the app store for free. (You can ignore the $4.99 version of the app)
    • Once ‘iZip' is downloaded to your device, click on the link to download the audio resource. iOS devices will show a blank screen after you click on the link.  While it looks like nothing is happening, the files are downloading in the background. It will take a few minutes to download the files depending on your internet connection and how large the zip folder is. While the files are downloading, make sure that you don't let your device go to the lock screen which will stop the files from downloading. If this happens, you will need to click on the link to download the series again.  
    • Once the files are downloaded, a notice will appear in the browser asking which app you would like to use to open the audio files. Click on the link that says “Open in ‘iZip’”

    • ‘iZip’ will open and download the zip folder. You will then be asked “Would you like to extract all files?” Click Ok.

    • A list of the files in the zip folder will appear. Click on the first sermon. An audio player will appear on the screen and you can listen to the sermon. You will have to listen to the audio series in the iZip app.

    • If you wish to listen to the audio resource in iTunes or another media playing app, you will need to download the audio files on to a computer and add them to your iTunes account or another account. Then you can sync the iTunes account with the one on your device.

    Download on Computer

    To download an audio series to your computer, click on the link to download the entire series. The download may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.  A zip folder will download with all of the audio files of the series. Double click on the zip file. The file will then be placed in your Downloads folder on your computer. Once the files are loaded, you should see a newly extracted folder available with the audio files listed in the folder. Click on one to listen to it on your media player on your computer. 

    If you have problems downloading a resource from Truth For Life to your smartphone or tablet, please feel free to contact us.

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