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How Do People Know What's Real?

Our culture says that everyone can define their own reality—that I can define my truth and you can define your truth. But for our friends and co-workers, the answers to important questions like, Where did I come from? Why am I here? and Where am I going? can't be found within.

So how can we help?

By pointing them to the absolute truth of God's Word, where all we need to know about life and death is not found within us, but outside of us.

The Bible is historically, prophetically, and verifiably trustworthy. We can direct our friends to it with certainty so that they can know that we came from God, our Creator, we're here to glorify God and live according to His instruction, and we can be with Him for all of eternity when we trust in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins. What joy! What hope! What Good News!

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