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How Do We Prepare for Christ's Return?

From The Resurrection to His Return

The book of Daniel teaches that at the end of days, Jesus will return, and judgment will follow. For many, this notion is increasingly counter-cultural. For some, it instigates conversations about Armageddon and the “signs of the times,” and can even spark endless debate. With such scattered focus, we can miss the main point of Scripture when it addresses the last days.

Author, pastor, and friend of Truth For Life D. A. Carson has written a booklet that sets believers’ sights on Scripture’s main and plain teachings about the end times. From the Resurrection to His Return: Living Faithfully in the Last Days draws from 2 Timothy 3:1–4:8 to explain the traits of the “end days” and offer four guidelines believers must cling to in anticipation of Christ’s return.

In under fifty pages, Carson remains true to his characteristic writing style—realistic, biblical, and powerful. He encourages us to seek out godly Christian mentors—as well as to mentor others (“Do you ever say to a young Christian, ‘Do you want to know what Christianity is like? Watch me!’ If you never do, you are being unbiblical”). From the Resurrection to His Return reminds us to be immersed in Scripture so that we can apply it to every aspect of our lives. Carson gives an honest portrayal of what this world is like—and in doing so, he reminds us that it isn’t our home.

Ultimately, this read challenges each of us to respond to God’s mercy in these last days in the only way we can: by proclaiming the Good News to a dying world. Ideal for both young Christians and believers who find themselves at a crossroads, this brief booklet is sure to have a lifetime of impact.

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