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Listen to Truth For Life with Google Home


You can listen to Alistair Begg on Truth For Life using Google Home, the voice-activated, hands-free help from Google Assistant.


Truth For Life Commands on Google Home

The command to play the Truth For Life broadcast on Google Home is somewhat unpredictable, but these are the most successful versions:

“Okay Google, listen to the Truth For Life broadcast.”

"Okay Google, listen to the Truth For Life podcast."

"Okay Google, play Alistair Begg."

To move to the next or previous day's program, with a broadcast playing, say:

“Okay Google, next.” or
“Okay Google, previous.”

To find out what broadcast is playing, with a broadcast playing, say:

“Okay Google, what's playing?”

Other commands like “pause”, “stop”, and “resume” can be found on the Google Home podcast commands page.

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