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Blog ‘God, You Are’ Is the Perfect Book to Teach Young Children about God’s Loving Nature

‘God, You Are’ Is the Perfect Book to Teach Young Children about God’s Loving Nature


The book of Psalms presents beautiful imagery describing the majesty and nature of God. God, You Are: 20 Promises from the Psalms for Kids is a delightful collection of short daily readings drawn from the Psalms that will invite you and your children or grandchildren to reflect on God’s glorious nature and the certainty of His promises.

Perfect for children ages four to eight, God, You Are presents twenty short “You are” verses from the Psalms, each followed by a one-page explanation that young ones will easily understand. Every reading is a comforting reminder of God’s character and teaches that God is always with us and is our Helper, Deliverer, and Refuge. This is a perfect book for bedtime, as it will help little ones rest peacefully in the reality that God never changes and is a loving, faithful Father.

When you read this colorfully illustrated book together as a family, you’ll learn about not only the diverse, unchanging nature of God but also who we are in relationship to Him. God, You Are explains that God is a safe hiding place, a help in times of trouble, and our Good Shepherd. Each of the twenty readings ends with a short prayer you can pray together just before going to sleep.

This is a timeless book that will surely become a family favorite that your children or grandchildren will ask to read over and over again. Request your copy with a donation, and purchase extras to give as gifts to all the young children in your family or friend group.




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