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Blog Are You Familiar with George Whitefield? Read His Inspiring Biography.

Are You Familiar with George Whitefield? Read His Inspiring Biography.

    “The whole world is now my parish. Wheresoever my Master calls me I am ready to go and preach the everlasting Gospel.” —George Whitefield

    Our Christian “family tree” branches across the centuries to include many heroes of the faith, such as servants like George Whitefield. Because tracing the work of God’s hand in the lives of His people can be such an encouragement in our daily walk, this month we’re highlighting a biography of Whitefield, whose life was entirely devoted to spreading God’s Word and demonstrating Christian love during the eighteenth-century Protestant revival.

    Although Whitefield was widely recognized for preaching the Gospel throughout Britain and the British Colonies, many today have yet to hear of him. Thankfully, Arnold A. Dallimore has authored multiple substantial volumes on Whitefield’s life, including a concise work entitled George Whitefield: God’s Anointed Servant in the Great Revival of the Eighteenth Century.

    This candid, accurate biography portrays the tireless work done by a humble, unordained Englishman to bring the good news of Jesus to both the aristocracy and common folk. A beloved contemporary and friend if John and Charles Wesley, and even Benjamin Franklin, Whitefield dedicated his life to Christ's service.

    Learn about one man’s efforts, desires, failures, and faith, and prepare to be inspired, encouraged, and maybe even challenged in your own journey to live a life consecrated to God. 


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