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Blog Featured Resource: "My 1st Books and More" by Carine MacKenzie

Featured Resource: "My 1st Books and More" by Carine MacKenzie

    My 1st Book and More

    Teaching children the wide scope of Biblical truth can be a challenge:

    • Where do you begin?
    • How do you explain the Gospel?
    • What's the best way to teach about Jesus?
    • How do you answer the question, "Who is God and where did He come from?"

    Bestselling children's author Carine MacKenzie gives parents and grandparents a helpful guide in My 1st Books and More.

    Presenting Christian foundations in a year's worth of short, two-minute lessons, MacKenzie offers teaching in small bites that makes learning easy for both young . . . and older kids too.


    With chapters on Christian values, Bible promises, how to pray, and the One True God, My 1st Books and More walks parents through a wide sweep of instruction aimed at nurturing God-loving children.

    Designed so that parents can begin in whatever chapter they choose, or simply select a topic of interest from the index, this easy-to-use resource is rich with Scripture, answers to questions children commonly ask, and memory verses.

    My 1st Books and More is not a Bible storybook, but a teaching resource that will spark wonderful dialogue between you and your children and encourage kids to think long and deep about what it means to follow Christ.

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