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Encore 2015 - A Collection of Listener Favorites


    Encore 2015 collects listener favorites from the past year that provide Gospel insights from both Old and New Testaments in messages from Alistair Begg. Some of the messages were part of larger series that were on the program in the past year. Below are the messages that have been chosen for Encore 2015 along with the corresponding series.

    The Priority of God's Word Belief and Behavior, Volume 3
    Passing on the Truth, Part Two Not in a Series
    When Trials Come, Part One Faith That Works, Volume 1
    The Power of Weakness The Strength of Weakness
    Mindful, Mighty, Merciful Songs for a Savior
    Zechariah's Song Songs for a Savior
    Happiness Revisited The Missing Peace
    The Unseen Hand of God The Unseen God, Volume 2
    Seeing, Caring, Thinking, Praying Not in a Series
    The Other Man's Grass Pathway to Freedom
    Good News for Lawbreakers Pathway to Freedom


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    Encore 2015 CD Series