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Blog Download (Free) - "When the Church was Young" - A Study in the Book of Acts

Download (Free) - "When the Church was Young" - A Study in the Book of Acts

    Contemporary churchgoers may find themselves considering the early days of the Christian church with fond nostalgia. However, in reading through Luke’s account in Acts, we find that the early Church was not a group of elite Christians. Instead, they wrestled with the very same challenges that face the twenty-first century Church today.

    In this series, Alistair Begg traces a line from the first century Church to the twenty-first century Church by examining issues such as our alienation from God, our tendency to present a cheapened Gospel, the juxtaposition of divine predestination and human free will, our culture’s obsession with idolatry, and God's ultimate power to save. We learn that the early Christians devoted themselves to the teaching of God’s Word and the spreading of the Gospel by depending on the Holy Spirit, and we are encouraged to hold firmly to the truth of Christ’s saving work as we engage our communities.

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