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Blog Download (Free) - “A Study in 2 Peter”

Download (Free) - “A Study in 2 Peter”

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The apostle Peter sent his second letter into an environment where false teaching was on the rise and moral carelessness was beginning to take root among God’s people. To address these challenges, he reminded his readers of the Gospel truths they already knew—truths that provide the necessary basis for growing in Christian maturity.

In this series, Alistair Begg helps us to see how these same truths remain vitally important to twenty-first-century Christians. We, too, must study to deepen our knowledge of God’s Word, relying on its authority and sufficiency to guide our beliefs and behavior. We, too, must guard against false teaching and error and look forward to Christ’s sure return. By His divine power, God has given believers everything we need for the commencement, the continuance, and the completion of the Christian life. Such truths are, as Peter described them, truly “great and precious promises.”

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