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Blog Are You a Grumbler? Read ‘The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks’.

Are You a Grumbler? Read ‘The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks’.


In the busyness of the weekly routine, it can be easy to forget to give thanks for all that God has provided. And sometimes, the challenges and frustrations that mark some seasons of life can leave us feeling—well, plainly ungrateful. But we’re called to give thanks always, in every circumstance. So how do we do that more earnestly?

The book The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks opens our eyes to see the work of God in all aspects of our lives so that we can nurture a genuinely thankful heart. Written by a pastor who is a self-described “recovering pessimist,” The Grumbler’s Guide is full of practical tips and Scripture readings that lead us to discover and appreciate both the large and small blessings God gives daily.

The book begins with a “gratitude quiz” that will help you mark where you land on a spectrum from grateful to grumbling. It then explains how to establish a routine of thanksgiving that combats the temptation to first count your disappointments. If your mind tends to gravitate toward problems, The Grumbler’s Guide will redirect you to thoughts of appreciation so that when you face let-downs, you’ll instinctively reflect on God’s goodness.

The Grumbler’s Guide ends with a thirty-day “gratitude challenge” that’ll encourage you to put all that the book teaches into practice. During the challenge, you’ll cultivate a regular rhythm of giving thanks.

Even if you don’t characterize yourself as a grumbler, you’ll discover how to express your gratitude more fully.

Perfect for reading together with your family or during personal devotional time, The Grumbler’s Guide will not only prepare your heart for the upcoming Thanksgiving season but also teach you to take small steps away from grumbling and toward giving thanks all year long.




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