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Listen to Alistair Begg via Amazon Alexa!

You can listen to the most recent 365 messages (and now also entire sermon series) from Alistair Begg on Truth For Life through Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap with Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

Add Truth For Life

To listen to the daily program or to hear one of the latest 365 archived messages:

First: download the Truth For Life "skill" with the Amazon Alexa app you used to intially set up your Alexa Echo, Dot, or Tap.

Next: tap the menu icon in the upper left corner within your Amazon Alexa app, then tap "Skills" in the drop-down menu.

Finally: Search for "Truth For Life" and add it to your list of Alexa "skills."

You are now ready to use Truth For Life commands!

New! Launch the Truth For Life Alexa app on your smart device by clicking this link.

Truth For Life Commands on Amazon Alexa

Today's Program

The quickest way to listen to today's daily program is by speaking one of these short commands to your Alexa unit:

“Alexa, begin Truth For Life” or,
“Alexa, start Truth For Life” or,
“Alexa, play Truth For Life”

Ask Truth For Life

All other voice commands for Truth For Life start with:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life…”

For example, you can also hear the daily program with:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to begin today’s program or
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to listen to Alistair Begg or
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to reset the playlist

Archived Messages

You can play archived messages by topic, title, or date:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to find messages on the topic of [topic]” or
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to find the message titled [title]” or
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to play the message on [date]”

If you’d like to know the title or the date of the message you’re currently hearing, say:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life ‘What’s the title of this message?’ or,
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life ‘What’s the date of this message?’

If you’re listening to an archived message and you want to return to current programming, say:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to reset the playlist

Sermon Series

To list all available sermon series, say:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to loop through all the sermon series


Let me play this series
Go on to the next series in the list
Let me exit this series list

To search for a sermon series, say:

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to search for a sermon series with the name [search]” or
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to search for the sermon series named [search]” or


I want to play this series or
I want to try another series or
I want to exit this series search

To exit or resume a sermon series

“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to exit my sermon series or
“Alexa, ask Truth For Life to resume my sermon series

Using Standard Amazon Alexa Commands

Once the Truth For Life message begins playing, all other standard Amazon Alexa commands will work normally, including:

“start over”
“play again”

Learn more about basic Alexa commands...

Listen to the Truth For Life’s Flash Briefing on Amazon Alexa

With Flash Briefing, Alexa delivers a quick overview of news, weather and more. You can now include a description of the day’s Truth For Life program to your Flash Briefing. You can add it in your settings for your Alexa device. Once the Flash Briefing is over, you can then ask:

“Alexa, begin Truth For Life.”

Learn more about the Flash Briefing and how to set it up.

Amazon Alexa Set Up and Help

If you've recently purchased your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap, the best place to go for help with set up is:

Here are a couple of lists of "Things to Try" with Alexa:


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