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A Practical, Biblical Guidebook for Moms and Dads


For those who are parents, are about to become parents, or have adult children who are parents, the book Parenting Essentials gives a practical, biblical framework for raising well-adjusted, God-honoring children.

Parenting Essentials leads you and your spouse chapter by chapter through more than a dozen key discussion topics so that together you can agree upon a united philosophy for biblical parenting before you find yourselves in the trenches.

For example, you’ll discuss how you’ll balance discipline with relationship building, how you’ll deal with unhealthy child friendships, how you’ll manage conflict within your home, what boundaries you’ll set for screen time and social media, and how you’ll balance academics with Bible study and church participation. You’ll even create a plan for how to handle parental exhaustion! The goal of Parenting Essentials is to help you agree on an approach ahead of time, before you find yourselves merely reacting to the latest crisis.

This book will help you make establishing your child’s character a priority. The authors are parents of four thriving, God-centered adults, and they draw on their experience to emphasize the importance of intentional communication, encouraging emotional intelligence, instilling values, and fostering a spirit of love and cooperation within the family dynamic. Parenting Essentials will equip you to nurture your children’s unique gifts and talents and help them cultivate a strong sense of identity in Christ.

The authors note in the opening that “many start out with great hope and boundless enthusiasm, only to gradually awaken to the messy and challenging reality of life as a parent.” If you’re a parent, a grandparent, or someone who hopes to one day be a parent, this book offers a framework for prioritizing faith in God as the foundation for the family.



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