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Are the Claims of Christianity Really True?

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Do you know someone who has begun to second-guess the claims of Christ? Maybe you lived most of your life as a Christian, never questioning the truths of the Bible, until your world was turned upside down, and you’re now faced with doubts about what you believe. 7 Reasons to [Re]Consider Christianity will help you tackle common questions about the world’s brokenness and remind you why the Bible is not only true but also good news.

Writing for those who are skeptical or curious, author Ben Shaw faced doubts himself about what he believed after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis. In a warm and personal style, he invites you to rethink common misconceptions about Christian beliefs with honesty and humor.

7 Reasons addresses a number of common arguments against the Bible and gives well-reasoned but straightforward responses to each one. With tangible examples, you’ll learn that the Bible is scientifically credible and that secular, historical documents corroborate biblical accounts. The book also makes a compelling case for why Jesus is arguably the most influential person in history and lays out reasons why you can believe Scripture with certainty. You’ll be reminded that the death and resurrection of Christ validate not only who He is but also what He did on our behalf. 7 Reasons outlines why Jesus is worth knowing and following.

While Shaw ultimately died from his cancer, the process of writing this book reaffirmed what he believed in meaningful ways: “I, too, have had to reconsider Christianity. Having death on my own doorstep has forced me to do a serious reassessment of my faith, including everything I’ve said in this book. My cancer forced me to reconsider the integrity and credibility of my beliefs, and this illness has actually sharpened and increased my faith. This book isn’t just an academic argument for me.”

This short read is a great gift to give to an unbelieving coworker, family member, or friend. 7 Reasons even wraps up by providing next steps for continuing to explore Christianity, making it a perfect conversations starter for anyone considering if there might be more to life.

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