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Blog Truth For Life App Update: October 2015

Truth For Life App Update: October 2015

    We wanted to pass along an important update to the Truth For Life app (our main app) this month. Be sure to download the latest update to your phone and post a recommendation to the app store!

    Easier Downloads!

    If you like to download the daily broadcast or full sermons on our full-feature app for later listening without using cellular data or Wi-Fi, this feature is now easier to use.

    A handy download icon is now always visible in the top right-hand corner of the app:

    TFL app download icon

    To download a message, just click the download icon at any time and the message will begin downloading in the background. (Remember, you’ll need Wi-Fi or cellular data available.)

    Download Truth For Life sermons free in devo app and main app

    When you tap on this icon, you'll be able to view "Now Playing" and "Downloads". To view any currently downloading files or past downloads, just click on the "Downloads" tab. Tap the "X" to close the downloads view:

    Keep track of your Alistair Begg sermon downloads

    To listen to any download, just tap the download and the media player will begin. To delete any download within the downloads tab, just press and hold on the message you wish to delete and a trashbin will appear which you can tap to delete the file:

    Easily delete past free downloads

    Enjoy and share Alistair Begg's mobile app with a friend!

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