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What Does Charles Spurgeon Have to Say about the Power of Scripture?

Charles Spurgeon was a prolific preacher in the nineteenth century, often preaching ten times a week to packed houses. By the end of his four decades of ministry, he had preached to more than ten million people—without the aid of modern technology! So what made Spurgeon’s preaching so powerful? He genuinely believed in Scripture’s power as the inspired, infallible Word of God. This assurance is the foundational element of our faith and hope as well. In the book Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture, seven of Spurgeon’s sermons have been edited and compiled for modern readers to more readily understand. You’ll learn why the Bible can be trusted as much today as when it was written thousands of years ago.

Biblical knowledge and verse memorization are certainly valuable, but the Bible exhorts us to “let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Col. 3:16). Find out what that means, and learn how to read God’s Word so that you truly understand and profit from it. Spurgeon explains how a deeper understanding of Scripture will glorify God, bless you, and profit others. God’s Word is the spiritual nourishment that lifts up the penitent sinner. It’s also the spiritual weapon we can use to break down sin’s strongholds. Discover how Scripture directs our daily lives and can help us endure life’s trials—and even face death with assurance.

Spurgeon unpacks the power of God’s Word for every reader or listener, especially for the preacher. You’ll learn why teaching the Bible is a solemn privilege, yet also a heavy burden, and why it’s dangerous to stray from God’s clear message.

Spurgeon on the Power of Scripture is a quick read, but in his classic style, Spurgeon packs profound biblical wisdom into each page. Scholarly enough for pastoral training but clear and understandable for non-theologians as well, this book is a great addition to any library.

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