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Visit Europe This Summer With Alistair Begg

    This summer, Alistair Begg will be the guest speaker on a two-week tour of central Europe to visit many historic sites made famous by the Reformation.

    Hosted by Salem Media Group, this memorable journey will include visits to the iconic city of Prague, old-world villages in Germany and Austria, and an 8-day cruise on the beautiful Danube River aboard a Viking cruise ship.

    Along the way, you'll make stops in Wittenberg, Krems, Vienna, and Budapest, where you'll tour historic cathedrals and ancient palaces—and even see first-hand the doors of Castle Church where Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses.

    Don't miss what will surely be an unforgettable experience July 31 - August 12!

    Learn more now and book your ticket.

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