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Benefits of Becoming a Truthpartner

    If you've grown in your relationship with Christ by listening to the Truth For Life daily program, this was made possible by a listener like you!

    Truthpartners support the ministry financially each month and pray for God’s Word to go out through Truth For Life in a life-changing way.

    Become a Truthpartner today and as a sincere thank you for your monthly support of $20 or more:

    Morning By Morning

    Receive a copy of the devotional book, Morning by Morning, written by Charles Spurgeon and updated by Alistair.



    Two Resources

    Request two resources monthly – For a donation of $20 or more monthly, request two books carefully selected each month covering a wide variety of topics.



    Message of the Month

    Request the “Message of the Month” on CD — Request an exclusive message by Alistair not heard on the program mailed to you each month on CD - great for sharing with others!

    Become a Truthpartner Today!

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