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Join Alistair Begg this Summer in Europe

    This summer, join Alistair Begg in Europe on a multi-country tour that will take you to many historic locations made famous by the Reformation. Visit iconic cathedrals, 500-year-old monasteries, and other important religious sites as you immerse yourself in the most influential moments of Church history.

    Beginning in the charming city of Prague, you'll visit the Bethlehem Chapel where Jan Hus preached in the early 15th century. Then, travel to Leipzig and Erfurt Germany, followed by Nuremberg, where you can board a river cruise ship and spend the next 8 days sailing on the Danube.

    Embark on an unforgettable journey and experience the fascinating history that continues to shape our faith today. Learn more about the Reformation Cruise and book your ticket today!

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