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Blog Hymn: "Loved before the Dawn of Time (Salvation's Song)" by Stuart Townend

Hymn: "Loved before the Dawn of Time (Salvation's Song)" by Stuart Townend


    Loved before the dawn of time,
    Chosen by my Maker,
    Hidden in my Saviour,
    I am His and He is mine,
    Cherished for eternity.

    When I’m stained with guilt and sin,
    He is there to lift me,
    Heal me and forgive me;
    Gives me strength to stand again,
    Stronger than I was before.

    So with every breath that I am given
    I will sing salvation’s song;
    And I’ll join the chorus of creation
    Giving praise to Christ alone.

    All the claims of Satan’s curse
    Lifted through His offering,
    Satisfied through suffering;
    All the blessings He deserves
    Poured on my unworthy soul.

    Singing glory, honour, wisdom, power
    To the Lamb upon the throne;
    Hallelujah, I will lift Him high.
    Hallelujah I will sing

    Stars will fade and mountains fall;
    Christ will shine forever,
    Love’s unfading splendour.
    Earth and heaven will bow in awe,
    Joining in salvation’s song.

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