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God Loves Us with All of His Mind

An excerpt from “Loving Jesus More" by Phil Ryken

Loving God will also help us to love one another. The more full we are with love for Jesus, the more his love will spill over into other relationships.

These are all good reasons to love Jesus with all our minds. But perhaps the greatest motivation for responding to Jesus with an affectionate intellect is this: we should love Jesus with all of our minds because he loves us with all of his mind.

Our deepest motivations for following Jesus always come from the outside, not the inside. We do not begin with what we do for him, but with what he has done for us. Everything in the Christian life flows from the grace that God has for us in Jesus Christ. So if we are looking for the motivation to love Jesus with all our minds, we should begin with the fact that he loves us with all of his mind—he always has, and he always will.

“In the beginning was the Word,” John says at the opening of his Gospel, using the term Word to introduce the mysteries of the mind of the Son of God. Jesus Christ is “the Word.” He is the living person with the rational principle at the heart of the universe. John proceeds to tell us that the mind of Christ was in the beginning, making all things. Nothing was ever made except through the Word, which means that the whole creation is a revelation of the mind of Jesus Christ.

Every now and then I encounter a fact about the natural world that blows my mind, and I am reminded again that the universe was designed by an infinite intelligence. I had this experience when I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and learned that five thousand cells can fit on the head of a pin.10 Amazing! There is a world of wonder that is invisible to the naked eye.

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