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Can Peace Truly Be Found?

    Capturing God

    Where do you go in search of peace?

    Popular thought suggests looking inside oneself, or perhaps gazing around at nature. Others lean on relationships or try to escape painful realities through movies, or by taking a vacation, or by pursuing a vice. And yet, peace still eludes us and leaves us wondering: can it really be found?

    Pastor and author Rico Tice explains that we need look no further than the cross. In sixty-three tight-packed pages, his book Capturing God discusses the integrity, justice, and peace made evident in the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ.

    “By ‘peace’, Jesus doesn’t mean some wishy-washy, vague feeling that everything’s OK, that refuses to engage with reality. He means the kind of peace that matters—a peace that replaces conflict, that changes everything, that is worth celebrating. A relationship restored. A battle over. The kind of peace that sends people onto the streets after a war has ended.”

    With the familiarity and tenderness of a good friend, Tice gets to the root of the disruption in our lives. Capturing God paints a powerful picture of the one scene in human history that holds the key to eternal peace. And we can’t look away without being changed.

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