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Blog Study the book of Isaiah in 2018 by reading "Isaiah by the Day"

Study the book of Isaiah in 2018 by reading "Isaiah by the Day"

    Have you read the book of Isaiah? Do you wonder what it’s all about?

    Alec Motyer, the well known and beloved Bible expositor, had a deep passion for this prophetic book. Knowledgeable in Hebrew as well as Greek, Motyer diligently sought to unearth the riches of Isaiah’s writing, devoting a great portion of his life to studying this book of prophecy.

    Thankfully, though, Motyer didn’t stop at personal study; he wanted others to learn from Isaiah just as he had. After decades of exploring and teaching from Isaiah, Motyer composed Isaiah by the Day.

    Organized into daily devotions, this book provides a wealth of commentary and perspective alongside a faithful translation of the prophet Isaiah’s poetic, rhythmic writing. Written carefully and lovingly, Isaiah by the Day will invite you to dive deeper into the Scriptures and into the character of God.

    Throughout 2018, benefit from Motyer’s lifelong passion to open the Old Testament and highlight God’s Word, promises, and plan of salvation.

    Request your copy of Isaiah by the Day, written by Alec Motyer; it’s available by request when you donate to Truth For Life today.

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