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Benefits of Becoming a Truthpartner

    If you've grown in your relationship with Christ by listening to God's Word taught by Alistair, there's more!

    Truthpartners are listeners like you who support the ministry financially each month and pray for God’s Word to go out through Truth For Life in a life-changing way.

    Become a Truthpartner and as a thank you for your monthly support of $20 or more:

    Morning By Morning

    Receive a copy of the devotional book, Morning by Morning, written by Charles Spurgeon and updated by Alistair.



    Two Resources

    Request two resources monthly – For a donation of $20 or more monthly, request two books carefully selected each month covering a wide variety of topics.



    Message of the Month

    Request the “Message of the Month” on CD — Request an exclusive message by Alistair not heard on the program mailed to you each month on CD - great for sharing with others!

     Become a Truthpartner Today!

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